• To qualify for press credentials, you must belong to the professional information sector and provide an official email address from a media company to be able to cover the event. The resolution of your press credential request will be communicated via your given email address.
  • Credential requests are individual. Each journalist who would like press credentials is required to complete an application.
  • It is essential to publish or broadcast information about the festival and each of the events to which you are requesting credentials PRIOR to the event. You must provide proof of publication by attaching links to the publications as part of the application process.
  • Press credentials are limited, therefore, those who have posted more about the festival in the months leading up to it will have priority.
  • Applications will be evaluated, and acceptance will be communicated via email between December 3rd and 10th.
  • Information about the event, schedules and access methods will be communicated in the Credential Acceptance email.
  • Press Credentials can be picked up on the day of the event at the box office that is authorized to distribute press credentials at each venue.
  • Applicants must present their official ID and/or passport to receive their credentials at the box office.
  • Applications for freelance photographers will not be processes as SONOROUS can provide any photographs needed.
  • Media companies are required to operate within the limits described below:
  • Radios: Maximum of two credentialed representatives per company.
  • Websites and written press: Maximum of two credentialed representatives per company: one photographer and one editor.
  • Television: Maximum of three credentialed representatives per media company (with some exceptions)
  • Credentials do not guarantee that all areas may be photographed or filmed. Each artist has their own rules and each artist’s manager will set appropriate limits.
  • Press credentials do not allow access to exclusive areas for event staff, VIP spaces, or backstage.
  • SONOROUS can provide images from areas where filming and photography are not permitted.
  • SONOROUS reserves the right to withdraw press credentials should any regulation be breached.


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To contact the press department you can do so through the following email:

To contact the press department you can do so through the following email: